Cris la Scris

Life and my first AIESEC experience

We did it alone. We all do it alone. Even if you are with somebody, the fact that you aren’t alone when you are with somebody, is a lie.

‘Cause you take this experience for you with all of your senses. Your senses and imagination make this experience to be real. And it is real due to you. Everything passes and goes. All you have to do is to learn to love moments with you. It’s the most real fact. To choose to develop yourself, to be independent. Then you can truly enjoy others. We are here to take every part of our journey, to meet our and others’ inner worlds, to mix together colours and purify ours, and then to learn to let go and go forward on the way… We could add so many beautiful colours of the moments, and experience them in the rainbow of our existence, which disolves in infinity! The most important thing is to travel the best destination… life! My international volunteering experience with AIESEC meant a lot to me. It taught me that I have to offer me the best experiences that I can and the best impact I could bring to the others, and then… let go, keep good memories, keep the high spirit of experience and go straight for the next one! This is the meaning of life. This is how it is meant to be… to find out, to explore, to experience, to live and… repeat.

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