Cris la Scris

Love and the feeling of belonging… at a distance.

Love nourishes you. It waters your roots, it feeds your spirit, it embraces your shaky body, your confused mind…

Love is organic. It embodies the life within you.

Love awakens your heart, your senses.

Love happens in silence, contrasting the beating of your heart.

Love is nature. Trees with long branches and wild roots are growing inside of the soul… blooming vibrations in the mater of the spirit… the body.

Love is the joy hidden in flash.

Love has a secret language.

Even if you are alone, you are able to love.

I used to think that love, beside the self-love one, is meant only for the couples… but today I realized something…

that’s usually unknown for us…

Love can be felt in connection with the love itself and with the feeling of belonging.

Even if you don’t have a partner, dream at the one… Believe in his existence, make him follow your lead and dive him into your dreams… it will make a huge difference into your life.

That’s because the feeling of belonging matters a lot in our human existence. We crave for it. We seek it.

But having the trust matters the most. Just feel like you belong to someone… someone from the future even.

The feel of belonging it’s one of the most important human needs.

If we don’t connect with the feeling of love, our hearts get colder… and even when that person appears into your life, it will be hard to trust and open to her.

So feel always connected with the feeling of love… feel it inside your body, breathe it, follow it… undress it.

It’s like feeling yourself always excited and sexy… as you can feel that, you can feel the love too.

Let it embody you.

Make it grow… like a flower.


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