Cris la Scris

Spicing sweetness in your bones

Spicing up the sweetness is never old.

Playing by yourself is not a joke.

Express your vibe, it’s your style

Throw a glance in the dark and smile.

That’s you, you can’t get  bored

You are sexy and you grow bold.

Free yourself of doubts, embrace the fear

You are wild, and you bloom, my dear

You have a gun that’s inside your veins

You bring death and the shot never ends

You don’t wait to be saved

You get the throne

You have high aims

And you taste them all.

You have a porcelain inside your heart

But when it’s broken

And sets you apart,

You stick some love to it

And it becomes…

What Queen has never imagined

A beautiful armoured sun.

It comes with sparkles in the eyes,

And that’s pretty contagious,

No matter the side of the dice

You become outrageous

And your yell expressed in style,

becomes your power.

You are creative, 

but sometimes it gets sour,

To feel the broken pieces with all your bones

‘Cause cold was never so that close.

Get lost in those feelings and create

It’s the only thing you could put on your feelings’ dinner plate.

undress for you, not to please

Embodying the stiches of your ressurection,

You become the poem,

Of what could have been violent,

Being reborn becomes surprisingly silent.

It’s an internal process

Its expression seldom yells,

And the thought that you aren’t heard… scares.

But you choose to create

In the name of the hope that your voice might be heard

Such a void.

No light.

But you bravely create it all.

And continue living your life as a masterpiece

More than the sun seems

To have brought those pieces sweetly together

You continue to become who you have dreamt of forever

The strong woman,

On the throne of your compassion.

But don’t forget, it’s just a slight hope for possession.

That’s you, marvelous, even in the dark

True beauty never shades

It sparks. 

Dance with yourself

Add some meaning

On the hopeless streets with the smell of lonely freedom.

Wilder and wilder

As a caju not ready to eat.

Find your ways

To tantalize yourself with the the life breeze

Is it cold?

No worry. 

Be brave.

It’s not as hard as it seems,

You are the soul once incarnated in beans,

Becoming a brave imperfection alive.

adauga raspuns