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Who are you?

You reinvented a glimpse of yourself by finding interconnectivity with another human being’s perspective and upgrading your beliefs about a specific topic of life, but moreover than that…

I invite you to join me on this journey and imagine a context.

Take a look at a simple morning ritual of the day.

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You sit on a chair, at the table, beside the window. You drink your coffee, in silence, you read a few pages of a magazine or a book, and spontaneously you throw a glance through the window. You are kinda reflective, and you seem lost in your look, but you had an aha moment from the book/magazine you’ve read. It moved you. It made your mind click, and that activated a journey toward your soul. You saw another perspective, so that’s another view from the window, that’s another human perspective. It’s like an immense window that you gaze through, immersing yourself in. Yes, in. Because it’s the window that implies more windows than we think.

You reinvented a glimpse of yourself by finding interconnectivity with another human being’s perspective and upgrading your beliefs about a specific topic of life, but moreover than that, upgrading your self.

In a few minutes after that moment, you are not the same.

After that, you have a different state, driven by a challenged mindset, that’s encapsulated in mind, something that’s told by another human being, that resonates with you.

This is a basic example of our daily interconnectedness to human beings and their effect upon us, even if you seem only standing by yourself reading a book/magazine. You do that for the reason to feel even more connected to the world. Humanity is a space for interconnectivity. Emphasizing this aspect in our life brings to innovation, awe and not at least, meaningfulness.

But the questions who arise are: ”Who are you? What’s the self? Is it something stable, fixed? Or is it something organic with fluid movements? And what’s authenticity? Who are you? Or the “who are we” question could provide a more relevant answer? What is all about?”

Taking another example: ”the way your lover looks at you”, we could find some more relevant questions.

What do you feel when your lover looks at you? Isn’t it that he/she makes you feel like you are seen? Doesn’t it make you perceive yourself in some different way? Doesn’t make you feel more beautiful, but in a truly specific way? Doesn’t it reveal a world, a new window, inside you, that shapes even your perception about your external perceived window to yourself, while your loved one sees you?

Isn’t it a new window, a dimensional one, to see yourself with other eyes? Doesn’t your self get upgraded from those kinds of moments? When you feel seen, loved, alive. He/She gazes at your window. Yes, it’s a gaze. It’s not something tangible. You can’t materialize it, but you could only perceive, feel.

What do you think that many people truly miss after a breakup? What do you think that they mourn more? What do you mourn more?

I think they miss their selves in interaction with that being. Your self. You miss the way you’ve rediscovering yourself through the windows of that human being.

They feel like a world ended, like a closed door to yourself, not just the one to your lover’s world. You think that you lost a part of you.

And you get disconnected. That’s a real breakup. A break-up that relates to your own self and disconnects you.

You are tempted to repress how you were seen, and what dimensions you’ve discovered about yourself on that relationship, just because you think it’s painful. It seems that it would remind you about the other one and it’s hard to forget him/her.

But take a look at this perspective…

Photo by anja. on Unsplash

it’s not about that.

The fact is that those new elements of yourself were a gift of your interaction with that human being. You owe them. You are a reinvented person. So own them and continue to upgrade them.

In this way, upgrading them, you get unstuck from that relationship mourn while taking with yourself one of the most important gifts that you received: “the feeling of being a beautiful and loveable human being”. If we add from any relationship this puzzle elements of “lovability” and integrate it in ourselves, aren’t we feeling us a bit more whole? Aren’t we feel a lot more beautiful and worth loving? Aren’t we gazing more incredible views through the windows of ourselves and through the windows of those we meet? I think that’s the only this way, we connect more with our being and get the chance to find that whole loveable being to join us in our ride through life.

So who are you? Who are we? I think that we are organic portals, always upgrading our selves and the others’ selves in our connections, to taste new views, new dimensions, to feel more awe, to feel truly alive through the magical power of interconnectivity.

Our authentic personality is a consequence of the perception of our past experiences perceptions and on our visions about the future, based on our past interconnections, letting them flow through the window of this actual moment. NOW.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Some inspiration and scientific resources that are rooting for my article:

Jason Silva talks:

Documentary: Mind Explained

My own experiences and reflections throughout the time.

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  • Wow, foarte frumos! Merci. Nu m-am gândit până acum la perspectiva asta. Eu am tendința să mă izolez de oameni și să mă simt singură. Poate că de fapt ce îmi lipsește e felurile în care mă văd pe mine în acele relații? Sună egoist cumva, însă îmi dau seama că în relațiile cu ceilalți mă văd mai bună și mai frumoasă față de cum mă văd în relația cu mine. Asta spune multe despre relația mea cu mine, dar cred că spune și despre cât de importante sunt relațiile în viața mea. Până la urmă ce ar mai conta frumusețea mea dacă nu aș avea cu cine să o împart?